Full Name: Fatty Acid Binding Protein 2

Genomic Location: Chromosome 4:119,317,250-119,322,390

Protein Size: 132 amino acids


FABP are thought to play a role in the intracellular transport of long-chain fatty acids and their acyl-CoA esters. FABP2 is probably involved in triglyceride-rich lipoprotein synthesis. Binds saturated long-chain fatty acids with a high affinity, but binds with a lower affinity to unsaturated long-chain fatty acids. FABP2 may also help maintain energy homeostasis by functioning as a lipid sensor.

The protein encoded by this gene is an intracellular fatty acid-binding protein that participates in the uptake, intracellular metabolism, and transport of long-chain fatty acids. The encoded protein is also involved in the modulation of cell growth and proliferation. This protein binds saturated long-chain fatty acids with high affinity, and may act as a lipid sensor to maintain energy homeostasis.

Linked SNP(s):

  • rs1799883 is linked to FABP2, it is located in the coding region of the gene.
  • Population frequencies are approximately 27% for the reference allele (A) and 73% for the alternate allele (G).
  • Studies suggest the A allele is associated with an increased risk for metabolic syndrome that can be mitigated through a healthy diet.
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