Full Name: Regulator Of G Protein Signaling 16

Genomic Location: Chromosome 1:182,598,623-182,604,413

Protein Size: 202 amino acids


The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the 'regulator of G protein signaling' family. It inhibits signal transduction by increasing the GTPase activity of G protein alpha subunits. It also may play a role in regulating the kinetics of signaling in the phototransduction cascade.

Linked SNP(s):

  • rs12736689 is linked to RGS16, it is located approximately 18,000 bases downstream.
  • Population frequencies are approximately 96% for the reference allele (T) and 4% for the alternate allele (C).
  • Studies suggest the T allele is associated with reduced likelihood of being a morning person.
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